Workshops at the Center for Innovation and Learning

Reflective Teaching Practices. New Faculty Orientation and year-long workshop series on effective and reflective teaching. (Fall 2014-present with John Miles)

Lunch Workshop “Tools and Toys”: Classroom Response Systems beyond Clickers (Fall 2013; with B. Lawton)

Workshop on Student-Centered Discussions (Fall 2013)

Workshop on Fostering Student Engagement in the Classroom (Spring 2012) This interactive workshop covered topics such as creating a positive classroom climate, increasing reading compliance, and collaborative learning. Fostering Student Engagement

Moodle: Using Classroom Management Systems as Effective Teaching Tools (IES Berlin and Center for Innovation and Learning , Spring 2012)

Active Learning-Engaging Students Across Disciplines (Fall 2011) This workshop for Wofford College faculty provided an overview of active learning techniques that can be applied across disciplines. The workshop touched on teaching with technology, case-based instruction, collaborative learning, and Classroom Assessment Techniques.Active Learning Workshop


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