Workshops for the Language Academy (Wofford College)

Two-day Professional Development Workshop for Language Instructors at the LA@Wofford (June 2012). The sessions included mini workshops on more general aspects of teaching and learning, such as “preparing for the first day,” “classroom management,” “active learning,” as well as language specific sessions, such as “immersion strategies.”

List of mini-sessions:

– Ice Breakers/Setting the Tone

– Fostering Engagement/CATS

– Classroom Management

– Immersion Strategies and LinguaFolio

Feedback from attendees: Do think today’s workshop will affect your teaching? If so, in what way?

–          It will help me reflect on how I sequence activities and how to keep students    engaged- and how to use the task-oriented Bloom’s Taxonomy to design activities.

–          Absolutely. I’m more excited about the instruction. Also my mind is more geared toward more creative, alternative activities.

–          It will help me to better understand if classes are being well-taught.

–          Yes, it was refreshing and gave me a lot of good ideas.

–          Absolutely! My mind has been challenged to reorganize how I plan for teaching.

–          Yes, it will help me to keep the language tasks in mind.

–          I have a clearer framework for the daily concrete task.

–          Absolutely! I’m really focused on creating specific tasks for the various levels of language.

–          Yes. It’s going to help me to improve my teaching by knowing my students better.

–          Very much so. I learned many new activities.

–          Yes. It will make me more open to students’ needs.


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