Curriculum Vitae


Beate Brunow, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of German and Gender Studies

Department of Foreign Languages

Wofford College

Tel.: (864) 597-4508



Education and Work

Assistant Professor of German and Women’s Studies. Wofford College, 2011-present.

Ph.D., German Language and Literature, Minor in Women’s Studies.

Dramatic Inquiries: Encountering Discourses on Female Creativity. Pennsylvania State University, 2006-2011.

M.A., German Literature. Representations of the Holocaust in the 21st Century in Germany.

University of Wyoming, 2004-2006.

Zwischenprüfung, English and Biology. Carl von Ossietzky Universität Oldenburg,

Germany, 1999-2002.


Teaching Experience/ Coordination

Wofford College, 2011-present

German Prose, senior seminar.

German Film, senior seminar.

German Poetry, senior seminar.

Business German, advanced language and culture class

The German-speaking World, advanced language and culture class.

Beginning Active German, first-and second-semester language courses.

Popular Culture in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, advanced language and culture class.

Women in the Arts, Humanities freshmen seminar.

Introduction to Gender Studies, seminar in Gender Studies, Cultures& Peoples

Activism, Interim 2013, 2015

Europe through the Back Door, Interim 2014


Schreyer Institute for Teaching Excellence, Pennsylvania State University,  2010-2011

Course in College Teaching, blended course for TAs and Junior Faculty (Co-Instructor).

New Instructor Orientation (online), survey course (Assistant).


Department of Women’s Studies, Pennsylvania State University, 2009-2010

Introduction to Women’s Studies, survey course.

Women in the Arts and Humanities, survey course.


Department of Germanic and Slavic Lang & Lit, Pennsylvania State University, 2006-2009, Summer 2009-2011.

Coordination of online language courses, summer 2010-2011.

German Business Communication, upper-division course, German majors and minors.

Business German,introductory course for third-semester students.

Introduction to German (on-campus and online), first- third semester German language courses.

German Culture and Civilization, survey course (Teaching Assistant).


Rotary International Instructor, District 7350, Dec. 2006-Apr. 2007

Communicative Language Training, course for professionals.


University of Wyoming, Department of German Literature, 2004-2006

First-Year German, first-and second-semester language courses.


Workshop Presentations/Professional Development Presentations

Maximizing Study Abroad: Language Acquisition; Maximizing Study Abroad: InterculturalCompetence. Workshop Series for Students who plan to study abroad in January 2016/Spring 2016. With Dr. Britt Newman

Reflective Teaching Practices. Pre-semester Orientation and year-long program for new faculty. CIL, Wofford College, 2014-present. With Dr. J. Miles, Dean of the CIL

CIL Lunch Workshop “Tools and Toys”: Classroom Response Systems beyond Clickers. Wofford College with Boyce Lawton, November 2013.

CIL Workshop on student-centered discussions. Wofford College, October 2013

CIL Lunch –  Report and Reflection on writing workshop at UNC Asheville. Wofford College with John Miles, John Ware, Julie Sexeny and Kim Rostan, April 2013.

Professional Development for Instructors of the Language Academy at Wofford. Two-day workshop for Language Academy Instructors. Wofford College, June 2012.

Moodle for Instructors of the German Language and Area Studies and Metropolitan Studies Programs at IES Abroad Berlin. Berlin, April 2012.

German Activities Day at Wofford College. Teacher-Workshop Co-Organized with Dr. Krick-Aigner.Wofford College, March 2012.

Fostering Student Engagement in the Classroom. Workshop,Center for Innovation and Learning, Wofford College, February 2012.

Active Learning Techniques: Engaging Students Across Disciplines. Workshop, Center for Innovation and Learning, Pedagogy Series. Wofford College, November 2011.

Workshops conducted as instructional consultant at the Schreyer Institute for Teaching Excellence, Pennsylvania State University, 2010-2011:

Student Centered Discussion. Trainer of workshop series at the Schreyer Institute for Teaching Excellence. Pennsylvania State University, Spring 2011.

International Teaching Assistant Workshop;

SRTE Q&A for Graduate Students;

Grading for Learning;

Professional Development for Graduate Students who Teach;

The Basics of Course Design;

Beyond the Basics of Course Design;

Syllabus Workshop for Graduate Students;

Engaging Students: Active Learning Strategies;

LEAP: Mentoring first-year Students at PSU;  

Survival Skills and Ethics Workshop for Graduate Students.Discussion facilitator for panel on teaching skills. Office for Research Protections, Pennsylvania State University, October 2009.

The German Language Course Portfolio: A Communicative Approach to Assessment in FL Acquisition. Workshop for Teaching Assistant Orientation, Department of Germanic and Slavic Languages and Literatures, Pennsylvania State University, August 2008.

Using a Course Management System: Angel at Penn State. Workshop for Teaching Assistant/New Faculty Orientation, Department of Germanic and Slavic Languages and Literatures and Comparative Literature. Pennsylvania State University, August 2008, 2009, 2010.

Mentoring Toolkit Workshop. Round-table moderator, workshoporganized by the Graduate Council, Pennsylvania State University, April 2008.

Sexing the Globe: Affairs at home and abroad. Organizer of Women’s Studies Graduate Student Conference, Pennsylvania State University, February 2009.

Voices of Experience: Students with Disabilities in the Classroom. Panelist at theEllenbogen Center for Teaching and Learning, University of Wyoming, October 2005.


 Conference Presentations/Invited Talks

Civil Disobedience in the GDR. ACTFL Conference, November 2015. Presented with Dr. Iris Bork-Goldfield.

Developmental Relationship-Building for Civic Challenges: A Team Model. UNM Mentoring Institute, October 2015. Presented with Dr. Laura Barbas-Rhoden;

Interkulturelles Lernen im Deutschunterricht. AATG- SC Annual Meeting; March 2015.

Popular Culture – Cultural Politics: Teaching Units in Summer Immersion Programs. Presentation at SAMLA, November 2014. (Co-chair of session).

Using Technology in the Classroom to address the three Modes of Communication. Presentation at the Mountain Interstate Foreign Language Conference, October 2014.

Advocacy for Language Learning: Connecting ACTFL’s World Readiness Standards and AAC&U’s VALUE Rubrics. Presentation at the Language and Culture Institute at Juniata College, August 2014.

The High Impact Fellows Program at Wofford College: Collaborative Knowledge Buildingthrough Secondary/Postsecondary Partnerships. Invited Talk at the Language and Culture Institute at Juniata College, August 2014.

APPS and the three Modes of Communication. Presentation at the annual meeting of the Philological Association of the Carolinas, March 2014.

Traveling into the Past: Trans-generational Family Fiction by Authors of the Third Generation. Presentation at the South Atlantic Modern Language Association’s annual convention, October 2013.

Student-Centered Discussions. Interactive Session at the Lilly Conference on College and University Teaching and Learning, Fall 2013.

Teaching Traumatic History in Literature and Culture Classes. Presentation at the annual meeting of the Philological Association of the Carolinas, March 2013.

Putting the Artist into Perspective. Invited Talk at the Pennsylvania State University, Department of Germanic and Slavic Languages and Literatures, March 2013

Rape Crisis Coalition in Spartanburg. Invited presentation for the Civic and Service Engagement Series at Wofford College, October 2012.

Trust-full Learning. Interactive Session at the Lilly Conference on College and Univ. Teaching and Learning, September 2012.

Berlin’s Memorial Landscape. Invited presentation at the IES Abroad Programs in Berlin, April 2012.

E-Portfolios as Reflective and Collaborative Tools for Faculty Developers. POD Annual Conference, October 2011.

Transforming Race and Gender through Performance and Multilingualism.Panel Organizer. Women in German, Annual Conference. October 2011.

Student Portfolios: Assessment and Student-Centered Learning. Central PA AATG Spring Meeting, March 2011.

Writing Herself into His/story. Panel Organizer. Women in German-sponsored Panel at the MLA, January 2011.

The Theory and Praxis of Student Portfolios (Poster).Women in German, Annual Conference, October 2010. Co-presenter: Nicole McInteer.

Dramatic Inquiries: Encountering Women’s Creative Conflicts (Poster).  Women in German, Annual Conference, October 2009.

Anna Croissant-Rust: Challenging Perceptions of Gender and Genre. Midwest Modern Language Association, Annual Conference, November 2008.

Tableaux Vivants: Setting the Stage for the Perception Femininity.  University of Minnesota, Graduate Student Conference, March 2008.

Abbau Ost, Aufbau Deutschland. Planung eines Nationalen Freiheits –und Einheitsdenkmals: Ein Fragwürdiger Umgang mit Erinnerung und Geschichte? German Studies Association, Annual Conference, October 2007.

Popularization of Museum Culture: The New Museum and the Question of Cultural Agency. PCA/ACA National Conference, April 2007.

Approaches to the Holocaust in Germany in the 21st Century in Film, Literature and Memorials. Graduate Symposium, University of Wyoming, March 2006




“Kulturökologische Literaturdidaktik: Texte als Orte der Begegnung.” In: Grimm, Sieglinde and Wanning, Berbeli (Hg.): Kulturökologie und Literaturdidaktik. V&R Unipress: Göttingen, 2015; 259-274.

“Working through Difficult Narratives: From Reading Trauma to Thinking Critically.” Postscript, Vol. 29, Spring 2014.

“Portfolio Assessment in College-level Business German Courses.” German as a Foreign Language, 1/2014, pp. 94-117. Co-authored with Josh Brown, University of Wisconsin, Eau Claire.

Introducing, Assessing, and Scaling Up Environmental Literacy as a Global Literacy in Modern   Languages: Lessons from a Liberal Arts College. Co-authored with Drs. Laura Barbas-Rhoden and Britt Newman (under revision)

The Curriculum Fellows Program: A Program Model for Civic Engagement and Collaborative Knowledge Building. Co-authored with Dr. Laura Barbas-Rhoden (under review)


Book Reviews:

Cohen-Pfister, Laurel and Susanne Vees-Guliani, eds. „Generational Shifts in Contemporary German Culture, ” Women in German Newsletter, Summer 2012, Nr. 120.

Horsley, Joey; Luise Pusch eds. „Berühmte Frauenpaare,” Women in German Newsletter, Spring 2010, Nr. 114.


Amie Siegel. “Erwähnt die Mauer nicht.” Jacob der Lügner von Frank Bauer. In: Bettina Mathes (ed.). Die Imaginierte Nation. Identität, Körper und Geschlecht in DEFA-Filmen. Trans. Beate Brunow, Bettina Mathes. DEFA-Stiftung, 2007 (311-330).


Awards, Fellowships, and Grants

Faculty Research Grant “Intercultural Learning” (with Dr. Britt Newman) Wofford College, Summer 2016.

Faculty Research Grant “Intercultural Learning” (with Dr. Britt Newman) Wofford College, Summer 2015.

Faculty-Student Collaborative Summer Research Grant: The Lebensborn Project : Revisiting the Past through Travel- and Family Fiction, Wofford College, 2014.

Faculty-Student Collaborative Summer Research Grant: Expanding the Learning Community for Effective Social Engagement, Wofford College, 2014. (with Dr. Barbas-Rhoden and Sydnie Mick)

Co-Director of the Arthur Vining Davis High Impact Fellows Program, 2013-2014

Deputy Co-Director of the Arthur Vining Davis High Impact Fellows Program, 2012-2013

Arthur Vining Davis High Impact Fellow Mentor. Wofford College, 2012-2013

Faculty Research Grant.Wofford College, Summer 2012.

Center for Innovation and Learning/International Education Abroad Exchange Fellow Wofford College/IES Berlin, March 2012.

Humanities Initiative Dissertation Support. Institute for the Arts and Humanities, Pennsylvania State University, Spring 2009.

First Prize at the Graduate Research Exhibition. Category of the Arts and Humanities, Pennsylvania State University, April 2009.

Walter Edwin and Dr. Regina Bloch Thompson Scholarship. Department of Germanic and Slavic Languages and Literatures, Pennsylvania State University, 2007-2010.

International Student Scholarship, University of Wyoming, 2004-2005.


Academic Service

Coordinator of the German Program. Wofford College, 2014-present.

Co-Coordinator of the Gender Studies Program. Wofford College, 2012-present.

First-year Student Advisor, Wofford College, 2012-present.

German major and minor Advisor, Wofford College, 2012-present.

Curriculum Committee Member. Wofford College, 2012-2017

Women’s History Month Organizing Committee. Wofford College, 2012-present.

Member of Task-Force on Interdisciplinary Learning in General Education. Wofford College, Fall 2015.

Member of Strategic Vision-Implementation-Action Team: Engagement. Wofford College, Spring/Summer 2015.

Academic Advisor of the Penn State Swim Club. Pennsylvania State University, 2010-2011.

FastStart Mentor. Mentorship Program for first-year undergraduate students. Pennsylvania State University, 2010-2011.

Graduate Council Representative. Pennsylvania State University, 2008-2009.

President of the Women’s Studies Graduate Organization. Pennsylvania State University, 2008-2009.

Graduate Student Representative to the Central Committee of the Arts and Sciences College. University of Wyoming, 2004-2005.


Professional Service

Reviewer for Paper Submissions for the 2015 UNM Mentoring Conference

Reviewer for Proposals for 2013 and 2014 POD Conference.

Professional Consultant for the American Association of Teachers of German, 2013-present.

Goethe Institut Trainer, Network East, 2012-present

Goethe Institut Mentor, Network East, 2013-present

Textbook Reviewer, Cengage Learning, 2012-present.



German (native)

English (near native)

French (intermediate reading skills)


Professional Affiliations

ACTFL- American Association for the Teaching of Foreign Languages (2015-present).

POD – Professional and Organizational Development Network in Higher Education. (2010-present)

AATG – American Association of Teachers of German (2006-present)