Both my personal and my professional life evolve around the importance of community, communication, and collaboration. Only if we work together, respect each other, and value the input of others can we achieve our goals in the most effective and successful way. I see teaching and learning and with that the roles of those involved as deeply interconnected and believe that all involved in the process learn and teach at some point.  In my teaching philosophy, I list feedback and communication (between student and instructor and among students) as important features of my classroom. In addition, I believe that a sense of community is needed to create a fruitful and healthy learning environment–and an environment that appreciates and depends on collaborative efforts.

In this Teaching section of my portfolio, I am providing work that reflects my curriculum development, my assessment strategies, as well as my professional development as an instructor.  In addition, I highly value reflective practices and will write about my experiences and development on a personal and professional level.